Shine Bright Like a Diamond! 5 Ways of Brightening Your Home This Winter

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Are you planning to brighten up your living space during the dreary winter days? Great idea! Research has shown that brighter lighting can enhance our emotions and make us keen to be at home.

Keeping your home toasty and sunny in frigid temperatures has become even more important, especially amid a pandemic, when your home is also your office, daycare center for your children and recreational space. Here are different ways you can use to make your home feel brighter and lighter in winter.

Remove Your Screens

You’re less likely to open your windows in frigid temperatures, so if that’s the case, getting rid of your mesh screens will bring in a lot of extra natural light that’ll brighten not only your living space but also your mood. Winters shouldn’t be drab and dull, especially when you’re now spending half your time indoors during COVID-19.

Utilize Light Slipcovers

You’d be surprised at how much lighter and brighter your home can look with light-colored furniture. White, ivory or any light-colored sectional and sofa slipcovers or tablecloths can illuminate your house by a wide margin.

Just make sure you’re ready to wash it regularly as light-colored fabrics get dirty easily and much more quickly than darker ones. Either way, it’ll be worth the effort when natural light bounces off the table and makes your entire room perk up.

Let Your Floors Shine

If your home has gleaming hardwood floors, remove the rugs from the rooms with minimum exposure to natural light. With sparkling, bare floors, even a stream of light that deflects from the floor to your walls will make the room come to life.

Substitute Your Light Bulbs

Since you can’t have natural light all day, you may want to reassess the coloring of your home’s light bulbs. Some rooms are more suited to warm white light, while others vibe better with a daylight bulb or a cool white light.

The entire feel of rooms changes with a difference in lighting, so choose a few bulbs and compare them in your fixtures will help you understand how it’ll realistically look. You can also get LED bulbs to maximize efficiency and liven up your living space.

Select Light Drapery

Imagine sitting in a room with dark red walls and heavy curtains during the winters. If your mood wasn’t low before, you’d surely feel miserable after spending hours in a dark room.

Heavy curtains with bold patterns and saturated colors can make your space darker, installing lighter-colored drapery during the winters. You should also fix them at the far edge of the window, so your home receives as much natural light as possible during the day.

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