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Just moved to Parksville on Vancouver Island? Well, you’re in for some beautiful sights, great weather, and gorgeous views from your house. With a population of only 12,514 as of the most recent 2016 census, this small city is full of people with big hearts.

Well known for its sandy beaches at Craig Bay and Parksville Bay, you can rest assured that you won’t spend a single minute bored while you’re here. However, things can get really sour, really fast if you have to spend all of your time maintaining your house, cleaning your lawn, switching between companies to get your gutters cleaned—the works.

Pressure Washing And Siding Cleaning in Parksville

We get it. Dirt and debris can build up over time and start to make your house look unwelcoming and uninviting. This gives off a not-so-great vibe to your brand new neighbors—and we don’t want that, now do we. Don’t worry, though. Our team at Wash Pro Exterior Cleaning is talented and experienced when it comes to making sure you set the right first impression.

Our pressure washingsiding cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof demossing, and roof cleaning services will make sure your house looks gleaming on the outside, as fresh and bright as the day you first bought it. With our high quality cleaning equipment we’ll make sure there’s no dirt caught in your siding.

Roof Demossing And Window Cleaning Services

Parksville residents don’t have to worry about things like dirty windows, unclear stuccos, and muddy sidings, thanks to us! Our team will make sure that your house exterior looks well maintained and guest-ready.

Our highly reliable premium quality services help homeowners effectively bolster both the aesthetic and value of their property at an affordable cost. They no longer have to worry about mossy, degrading roofs, and distasteful, unclear views from the windows in their house.

Gutter Cleaning Service

Our hardworking team will make sure that you don’t have to lift a finger as we work our magic in different areas of your house, from the roof to the windows, and even the gutters. Imagine enjoying the rain instead of dreading it, not being afraid of the falling leaves days before your guests are due to arrive, or not having to worry about the stains and dirt on your exterior stucco because it’ll be taken care of!

We can do all that and more. Reach out today!


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