Oops! 4 of the Biggest Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you planning to revamp your outdoor living space, but you’re unsure how to go about it? We’ve been there. Research has shown that the market size of landscaping services in Canada was at 8.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

Landscaping is an art that requires considerable learning and practice, so relying solely on your gut feeling and thinking you can wing it without a plan won’t end well. Here are some of the landscaping mistakes you should avoid while creating an ideal outdoor living space.

Starting Without a Plan

No matter how great your instincts are or how soon you want to get done with the project, landscaping without a plan will destroy your garden in several ways.

Imagine how you want your plants and shrubs to look and where they should be planted, keeping your house’s style and shape in mind. An ideal landscape will create harmony between your home’s interior and exterior space, so working alongside your house’s theme will help.

Just make sure whatever additions or subtractions you’re making are within your budget, even if you’re tempted to bring in a luxurious fountain or too many lawn tchotchkes.

Overlooking Curb Appeal

You may be planning to groom your backyard, but don’t forget to give some TLC to the front of your house. After all, you want to make a great first impression on your guests and what better place to start than your home’s front exterior?

If you want some heads turning towards your gorgeous property, you can paint your door in a contrasting color than your home’s base. This will make it stand out among the row of houses, especially if you keep the grass trimmed, and plant some vibrant flowers.

Neglecting Exterior Lighting

If you’re only relying on sunlight to brighten up your outdoor living space, you may want to reassess that idea. Having a well-kept garden is of no use if there’s no lighting to illuminate your year-round plants and shrubs.

We’re not suggesting anything extravagant rather, solar lights can do well to make your garden pop and make it functional and safe for your family, including any fur babies. These lights can stick in the ground easily, stay charged all day and make your house glow at night.

Skipping Maintenance

Whether your garden is hosting forsythia bushes or beautiful, long plants, you must take out time for its upkeep or all the effort put in planning it will go to waste. Take some time every month or twice a month to weed out the garden beds.

Avoid excessive use of pesticides because it’s essentially a poison that can not only harm pollinators but also end up in your food.

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