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If you’ve lived in Nanaimo for a long time, you know that the overall climate in the area is reasonably comfortable. Being mildly pleasant all year round, the city gets the perfect amount of snow in winters, cozy and fuzzy warmth in summers, and lots of rain all year round.

This means the entire Island of Vancouver stays comfortably pleasant all year round. However, comfort comes at a cost, and whereas the weather in the area remains welcoming, the wind, rain, and snow bring a range of issues with them, including falling leaves, debris, and soot.

These can build up over time and make your home look unkempt and shabby. If you struggle with this all year round, Wash Pros Exterior Cleaning is here to help. Our experienced and skilled team will make sure the exterior of your house is gleaming, even after heavy rains or snow.

Pressure Washing And Window Cleaning Services

One of our main exterior cleaning services is pressure washing dirt and debris off hard-to-reach or hard-to-clean areas of your house, making sure you’re able to enjoy the delightful weather outside from your living room. But that’s not it. We also offer top-quality window cleaning, siding cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof demossing, and roof cleaning services in Nanaimo to ensure your home stays sparkling clean at all times.


Efficient And Effective Roof Demossing Services

Do you have black streaks and moss growing on your roof? Humid weather encourages the growth of algae (black streaks), moss, and lichen, and when busy people keep delaying roof cleaning, it’s not long before their house starts sporting an unsightly, moss-covered roof. The moss will grow into the granules and damage your roof. If your house in Nanaimo has a roof that looks like it’s starting to get black streaks (algae) or moss. It may be time to call our team to safely take care of the job for you.

Roof De-Mossing/ cleaning is very important for the life and look of your roof. This is done by safely removing the bulk of moss from roof 75-85% and then spraying an eco-friendly, safe, and biodegradable soft wash treatment that will gently remove any remaining moss, algae, and mildew, preventing harmful microorganisms or organic growth from contaminating and damaging your roof again. The remaining moss will turn white, dry up and be washed off by rain and wind safely and all black streaks (algae) will be removed.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Furthermore, if you need to get your gutters in excellent working condition, our team of experts can successfully take care of it so you don’t have to worry. Our team can safely clean away any dirt, spider webs, algae, moss, and any other contaminant to make the area around your house clean and fresh.

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