Let It Slide! How to Clean Your Vinyl Siding Like A Professional

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Is your vinyl siding looking unkempt and grimy, and you’re unsure how to clean it? You’re not alone, but luckily, it’s an easy task. Research has shown that vinyl siding can help you save money on utilities as it prevents heat loss.

While this material is cost-effective and highly durable, keeping them clean is often a challenge for most homeowners since it’s exposed to bird and insect droppings, rust, caulking, mildew, other natural elements household products. Here’s how you can scrub your vinyl siding like a professional.

Grime and Soot

If your vinyl siding is tainted with chalk, dirt, or grime, all you need is a laundry detergent, a bucket of foamy water, a garden hose, and a soft-bristle brush. Rub soapy water on the area and thoroughly rinse it using the water from the garden hose.

Avoid using high-pressure rinsing or power-washing your vinyl siding because it can cause further discoloration or damage to the material. If you’re worried about the plants located close to your house, a scentless soap product or dye might work.

For safety’s sake, you can even sample a small amount of the solution on the plant and wait for a couple of days to see its effects.


You may have purchased vinyl siding because it’s known to be mold resistant. But if it gets dirty, mildew can grow in the grubby areas, especially if you’re living in a humid area. If you’re wondering what mildew looks like, look out for black spots on the vinyl’s surface, usually under porch enclosures or other sites that aren’t exposed to rainfall.

Mix one-third cup of detergent, three quarts of water, a two-thirds cup of trisodium, and a quart of 5 percent sodium Hypochlorite. Avoid making a concentrated mixture as that can destroy your vinyl siding. You can also get a mildew-specific cleaner from your contractor if the above ingredients aren’t readily available.


Like an algae buildup, some stains are too stubborn to be removed with a standard household detergent. If you’ve got one of those, you’ll benefit more by asking your siding contractor to connect you to a professional cleaner. Why?

For one thing, they’ll use products that are specifically designed to deal with your vinyl siding. If you’re still worried, test a small amount of it on an inconspicuous spot, so you know exactly which product will keep your vinyl siding spotless and dirt-free.

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