Gutter Cleaning: A Comprehensive Guide

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The roof of a house with its gutters in the foreground

Roof gutters are highly effective when it comes to keeping your home’s siding and landscape safe from water damage. Their effectiveness can be reduced or even lost altogether if they become blocked by leaves, sticks, small branches and other debris. Homeowners should have their gutters professionally inspected and cleaned at least twice a year.

However, if you don’t think gutter cleaning is a risky job requiring professional help and would rather do it yourself, here’s what you need to know:

Clean Your Roof First

You need to thoroughly clean your roof before you start cleaning your gutters. If not, any debris collected on the roof will simply be washed into the gutters with the next rain, potentially clogging them and ruining all your hard work.

Get the Scoop

Much of cleaning gutters is about removing leaves and clumps of dirt that can accumulate in them. Even if you’d rather work with your hands, having a scoop on standby is a smart choice.

Metal scoops can scratch and damage the surface of the gutters, so go with a plastic scoop with a thin scooping edge.

Choose the Right Ladder

You need to pick the most appropriate ladder for the job, and you should know how to use it safely. Typically, the best choice for a single-story house is a stepladder with four legs, whereas for a multistory house, an extension ladder will be needed.

Whichever kind of ladder you choose, make sure it is in good condition and undamaged.

A Hose is Handy

Once you’ve manually removed the debris from the gutters, you’ll need to flush them with water to help get rid of any dirt left behind. A garden hose is good for this purpose, so long as it has the right attachments to let you adjust the spray and water pressure.

Don’t Forget the Downspouts

Downspouts can become clogged even more easily than gutters. After cleaning the gutters, you should try flushing the downspouts with water at full pressure (they can take it) to ensure there are no clogs.

A minor clog can often be removed if you manage to shake it loose by lightly hitting the side of the downspout. A major one could require more extensive efforts, where the downspout will need to be removed from the gutter system and unclogged separately.

A gutter pipe extending to the ground on the exterior of a house

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