Clean Sweep! What is the Best Time of the Year to Have Your Windows Cleaned?

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Did you know that the state of your windows has low-key implications about your house and where you live? That’s right! Research shows that Canada’s revenue in household cleaning services is expected to grow annually by 2.0 percent.

Nobody likes having dirty windows that obscure sunlight and have negative psychological effects but knowing when to clean your windows is important for an optimal stay in your home. Here’s what you need to know about which time of the year is best to scrub your windows clean.


Benefits of Window-Cleaning

Besides keeping your house in immaculate shape, clean windows give a great first impression to any outsiders. It also creates an optimal living environment, with sunlight cascading through the windows, giving a clear view of your outdoor space.

Even if you get professional window cleaners to beautify your home, you’ll need to take some time from your schedule to invest in its upkeep since most of the dirt on your windows is pre-existing grime that can be easily removed with regular upkeep.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the ideal time for you to give your windows some love since wintertime is especially harsh. Throughout the year, windowpanes battle with dirt, pollution, rain, wind and other weather elements, and if your house is situated near the main road or highway, it can worsen their state sooner than you think.

Choose a day with cloud cover to avoid leaving streaks on the panes or clean in the direction of the breeze, so that spray landing doesn’t waste your scrubbing efforts. If it’s a sunny day, you should start early before the sun reaches a high altitude.

Why Should You Clean Your Windows in the Spring?

If you’re planning to scrub your windows in the cold or during a downpour, think again. The panes will get dirty with grime and dust from winter storms or debris and pollution from fall leaves.

Considering window-cleaning isn’t an easy task, scrubbing them during any other season will waste all your time and energy that you spent wiping them clean. Professional cleaners are certified and trained to polish your windows, lowering your risk of injury and providing high-quality work.

Window Weaknesses

Windows have varying needs, so identifying their vulnerabilities will save you a lot of time and money. For example, you may see corrosion on older buildings with timber-framed or steel-framed windows that haven’t been cleaned properly.

You don’t want to underestimate small amounts of moisture because they can cause mold growth and property damage and lead to hefty repairs over time if left untreated.

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