Winters in Canada can be brutal and bring forth months of cold and snowy weather that can wreak havoc on your home lawns. While the lawn does not require as much care as it does in the summer and fall, it is essential for the residents not to ignore their lawn in the winter. There are certain lawn maintenance essentials that must be taken care of to make sure that the lawn stays healthy and is ready when the spring season arrives.

Here are some winter lawn care tips for Canadian residents to keep their yard healthy and thriving throughout winter:

Remove Any Debris

The first thing you need to do to get your lawn ready and keep it healthy during winter is to clear any debris from it. This includes any leaves, toys, and other things that might invite mice, insects, and other pests that can potentially damage your yard. Keep it clean throughout the winter months to ensure nothing smothers your grass during the cold weather.

Apply Fertilizer Periodically

Keeping your lawn fertilized is important during winter when it has trouble getting enough nutrients from the environment. The lawn needs plenty of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, Iron, and zinc, among others, to ensure root and top grass growth and keep the soil healthy. However, don’t over-fertilize your lawn because that will smother the grass.

Remove Weeds Regularly

Weeds can be tough to get rid of, and removing them at the start of the winter prevents them from growing back. Make sure you pull them from the roots instead of the stem so that they won’t grow back throughout the winter season.

Spread Seasonal Top Seeds

Spreading a thin layer of top seed or winter seed to the top of your grass will help it grow more evenly and reduce the risk of soil compaction, bare spots, and uneven terrain. The top seed layer improves the quality of the soil without any harming effects on the turf below. Make sure you spread the layer as evenly as possible to avoid clumps of grass in various spots.


Blades of grass covered in frost during winter

Excessively long grass in winter can smother itself and risk damaging your lawn from freezing and thawing conditions. When you mow your lawn in winter, lower the height of your mower blades by a notch or two on your last round to keep it short without scalping the lawn or exposing the crown of the plant to harsh weather conditions. Make sure you regularly rake or a spade to aerate your lawn to allow air and ware to make their way to the roots and provide it essential nutrients it needs for growth.

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