The year is 1960. Germany has adopted the quaint green roof style that originated in 500 B.C. Homes are beginning to sport rustic turf roofs, complete with foliage and vegetation that makes the structure seamlessly blend into its surrounding greenery. It looks like you’ve stepped into the wondrous world of your favourite childhood fairy-tale and everything is filled with other-worldly charm.

Now picture yourself in present-day Parksville, British Columbia. Would the sight of a roof, covered in brown-green moss, excite the same wondrous fantasies in you? Probably not.

And it shouldn’t.

Why moss isn’t your roof’s best friend  

With over 9000 species, moss is a non-flowering plant that has an affinity for damp, shady, and moist places. The greener the moss, the more moisture it’s probably receiving.

By now you must’ve figured out why moss growth is detrimental for your home’s roof. It can cause direct and indirect damage to your home’s structural integrity, requiring extensive damage if it isn’t addressed in time.

Some of the reasons why moss tends to grow on your roof are:

  • Your roof is shaded by large trees or other buildings. This gives it the perfect environment to thrive and grow in.
  • Vancouver Island tends to receive a considerable amount of rain, which means your home in Parksville could be subjected to damp, wet weather conditions often. This offers the perfect breeding ground for moss and lichens to spring up when rainwater collects on roofs.

A close-up of moss growth clogging the gutters on a roofGetting rid of moss

If you’re worried about moss holding moisture on your roof’s surface and shortening its lifespan, these tips may help you prevent it.

Clean the gutters

If there’s one thing moss loves, it’s moisture. When your roof’s rain gutters are clogged with debris and leaves, rainwater won’t get an easy passage and will end up accumulating on the roof. Overflowing gutters provide the perfect opportunity for moss to form, so it’s best to unclog and clean the gutters frequently.

Trim the trees

Dark places with plenty of shade and several nooks and crannies give the moss a chance to thrive. Don’t give this pesky plant an opportunity to make your roof its home by making sure any trees surrounding the property are trimmed and well-maintained.

Without any overhanging branches to provide shade from the sun, moss will find it difficult to survive.

Call in the experts

If you’re struggling to make DIY methods of demossing work for your roof, perhaps it’s time to call in the professionals. Spending hours poking and prodding the moss with a hockey stick and resorting to using a high-pressure hose to remove it will only cause extensive—and expensive—damage.

Instead, the experts can help you extend the life of your roof by removing the moss, cleaning the gutters, and using highly-effective soft wash treatments that prevent future moss growth.

For a long-term, effective solution for moss growth on your roof, call in people you can trust with the job. Wash Pros Exterior Cleaning & Landscaping is just what you’re looking for.

Equipped with years of experience and an exceptional set of skills, we know how to make your roof look brand new again.

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