Your home’s exterior takes a beating from the elements, contaminants, mould, and dirt all year round. If you’re noticing moss and lichen growing around your patio or seeing stains forming on the driveway and siding, it may be time for some deep cleaning.

You may be tempted to pull out the cleaning supplies, throw on a hat, and get to work, but it may not be the best idea. While DIY cleaning may work for the pantry or bathroom, your home’s exterior requires some extra care and consideration.

Some heavy-duty pressure washing may be the order of the day, but you might want to think twice before taking on the DIY project on your own. If you’re considering pressure washing for your home in Nanaimo, Qualicum, Port Alberni, or Parksville, here’s why calling in the experts is the right choice:

The right equipment

If you decide to clean the driveway, walkways, or exterior of your home on your own, you’ll soon realize you don’t have the equipment it takes to achieve the same results. All the warm water, detergent, and water hoses you have lying around can’t quite do the same job as professional pressure washing equipment can.

When you work with the experts, they’ll bring industrial-grade, state-of-the-art equipment that does the job effectively and efficiently. Wasting money on consumer-grade equipment that won’t perform as well will only waste your time, money, and effort.


Pressure washing equipment utilizes a high-pressure jet of water to dislodge stubborn dirt, debris, and buildup on your home’s exterior. You can only imagine the amount of pressure required to remove hard-to-clean surfaces that have been at the mercy of the elements.

Opting to do the job yourself increases the risk of injury, with the chance of serious wounds, disability, infection, or even amputations. Since you don’t have the training or skills to handle such machinery, you’re more likely to make mistakes that could cause damage to you or your property.

Pressure washing professionals, on the other hand, have years of experience with the equipment and know how to achieve the best results in the safest way.

Maximize savings

Have you ever thought of taking on a DIY project so you can avoid calling in professionals who may charge an arm and a leg? Unfortunately, you may be doing the math all wrong. A DIY pressure washing project requires you to spend on the following:

  • Buying or renting the equipment
  • The cost of water you may end up wasting trying to get it right
  • Any damage caused to the property if you accidentally break something
  • Any injuries caused to you because of your lack of experience with the equipment

Instead of wasting money on a DIY job, calling in the professionals ensures your house is in the hands of experienced and trained technicians who’ll take care of everything. Not only do you save money by foregoing many of the costs mentioned above, regular pressure washing also bolsters the structural integrity of your home.

Frequently maintaining your home saves you from costly damages and repairs in the future.


Are you looking for exterior cleaning services that’ll make your home look brand new? You’ve come to the right place. Apart from pressure washing, our experts offer roof cleaning, roof demossing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, siding cleaning, and landscaping services.

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